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Since its inception in 2010, the farm’s goal has been to produce highly-nutritious food by preserving and nurturing the many forms of life within and above the soil. The specific planting and harvesting practices mimic the layers of the forest floor and include permanent, raised beds. Soil tests are done yearly to work toward a balance of the macro, micro and trace minerals that the crops need to thrive. Just like in our own bodies, this balance helps to create plants which are vibrant and healthy. The 12 out of 14+ acres are left wild to provide food and shelter for insect and bird life. In addition, hedgerows and beetle banks have been incorporated into the cultivated areas to attract and support beneficial pollinators and predators. Sweet Autumn recognizes all life as an important part of a balanced system. The farm hopes that these practices will help the land endure and thrive for many generations to come.

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